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CBD Oil For Dogs in Canada

As a dog owner, you want only the best for your furry friend. CBD Paradise offers only the best CBD Oil For Dogs in Canada. We have prepared finest selection of CBD products for your beloved friend. CBD is a natural, non-addictive compound of Cannabis Sativa plant. Testimonials of our customer show that CBD is an effective way to treat and reduce different problems your dog may have. 

The Best CBD Oil For Dogs in Canada

People Say Their Dogs Love Our CBD Oil Product

Delivery was very fast As for the product just started to use it for my dog, diagnosed with lymphoma starting off with smaller dose and will increase as needed. So far so good!
I’ve ordered this product twice now, product is amazing and my dog loves the bacon flavor! Customer support has also been exemplary, company truly cares about the product and customer care.
The product seems to be helping my dog with pain, she seems more comfortable and relaxed. Having more good days since we started using this product. Delivery was fast.

CBD Oil For Dogs Canada FAQs

CBD And Dogs

Our dogs have Endocannabinoid System which send signals between nerve cells. Their bodies produce natural Cannabinoids, and the problems occur when those natural cannabinoids are degraded faster than they can be synthesized.

That is the time your dog could benefit from CBD.  Cannabinoids found in CBD products help their system transmit signal between nerve cells correctly and all their body systems will benefit from that. .

By supplementing the body with CBD Oil you can effectively help the rest of the body operate better! Ongoing research continues to show that the Endocannabinoid System can affect the following areas: Appetite, Sleep, Memory, Mobility, Immunity, and Pleasure.

CBD Oil For Dogs in Canada
Can you give regular CBD to pets

Can You Use Regular CBD For Dog

Short answer to this question is – YES, you can give regular CBD oil to your dog. Please keep in mind couple of things  if you are giving regular CBD products to your dog:

  1. Do not give your pet any CBD products that contain more than 0.3% of THC
  2. Always consult you vet before you give any CBD products to your pet
  3. Start with low dosages, smaller than those recommended on the label, and then slowly increase it until you reach the desired results.

Conditions to treat with CBD For Dogs

Our customer are using our CBD products for following conditions:

  1. To manage and decrease chronic pain;
  2. To relief anxiety  (separation anxiety, loud noise anxiety, crowd anxiety)
  3. To help dogs relief stress in some occasions – grooming, for example
  4. To skin rash and some forms of allergies
  5. To help with irritated or dry skin
  6. As a supplement to slow or prevent conditions that are related to pet’s age
CBD for Dogs Canada
CBD Oil Canada Dosage

CBD Dosage For Dogs

If you are not using CBD products that were designed specifically for pets, you should be careful with dosages.

Remember that pets are much smaller than  humans, thus needing lower dosages of CBD. Our recommendation would be to start with smaller dosages than written on the label and gradually increase until you achieve desired effect.

As a rule of thumb, you can start with 0.25–0.50 mg/lb (0.55 – 1.1 mg/kg). 

Buy CBD Oil For Dogs Canada Online

Buying CBD Online Canada is very common and safe nowadays. You have to take few things into consideration, though:

  • Buy only products from vendors that have a proof of third party lab testing
  • Buy only products that have good rating, with lots of real customer reviews
  • Look for vendors that offer free shipping, return and money back guarantee.

CBD Paradise offers high quality, lab tested CBD products with lots of reviews and five star ratings. We offer free shipping on all order Canada wide, and 30 days return and money back guarantee.

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